7 Responses to The Hermetic Cocoon of the Isolated Tourist

  1. Teresa Cohen says:

    Stop that right now. Having the instinct to survive does not impede humanitarianism, but rather it allows you to continue. You cannot be sure that you can survive the microbes of a continent you did not walk on as a child.
    You strive and struggle and reach towards noble goals, Kathleen. You have helped so many, and you inspire many more. Bridges will be created from the work that you have done that cannot yet be seen. Yet every venture out will not be the same, projectories vary. Every path – however convoluted- has something to teach. So drink the soup, stay warm, and come home healthy.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hugs to you Kathleen. You need to be strong to fulfill your mission. Ok to retreat to regain your strength. Feel better, leave any guilt about your cozy cocoon by the road.

  3. Sue McCann says:

    I ditto the first two comments……take care of yourself and here’s a hug….

  4. Sue McCann says:

    PS – I was reading this account to my husband, Jim, and he said…..”and you want me to go there???”

  5. Bill Kaiser says:

    You made a good choice. You never know at the onset what the sickness is. Many of us count on you to make those choices. Thank you.

    PS: who was the famous philosopher who said in 1978 “all girls hate bugs”?

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