The BOMA Project

The BOMA Project works to improve the lives of the marginalized residents of northern Kenya through economic empowerment, education, advocacy and the training of a new generation of entrepreneurial ethical leaders. We do this by implementing innovative micro-finance and skills-training programs in order to establish enduring small businesses; by providing merit-based secondary, vocational and university scholarships for ambitious students willing to give back to their communities; by creating awareness of the plight of pastoral nomadic communities; and by mobilizing human, financial and technical resources so that residents may lead healthy, productive lives.

BOMA’s signature program is the Rural Entrepreneur Access Project (REAP), a program that trains and supports community residents as BOMA Village Mentors who provide business skills training and mentoring to small groups of three people who establish a business with a seed capital grant from BOMA. By providing skills training and seed capital, BOMA helps people improve their lives and the conditions in their own communities.

By May of 2012, BOMA has launched 11455 businesses in over 75 villages, positively impacting the lives of  3768 women  who support over 19,400 children. BOMA’s program demonstrates the extraordinary power of the human spirit that seeks out dignity and respect when people are given the opportunity for self-determination. We are inspired by our business owners like Sipirian Lalamaal, of the Lekiji Business Group in Lorokushu villagewho told us, “You brought life into our villages. We decided not to eat this money because even if we are given a million shillings it would eventually be finished. This business gives us life.”

For more information about or to make donations to the The BOMA Project go to BOMA Project office: (802) 231-2542 or e-mail

2 Responses to The BOMA Project

  1. Arthur Klonsky says:

    This is Chris Murdock signing Arthur up for the blog because I love it so much!!
    Thank you for keeping us all informed.

  2. Adan shedho mohamed says:

    Very true, it actually transform lives of many vulnerable women in north horr town, thumbs up Bomas team for your supportive program, may God bless you all!

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